We are a full service medical animation studio —

offering capabilities in script writing, voiceover, sound design, motion graphics, and both 3D and 2D animation.


The following production milestones guide our MOA or MOD productions:


  • Our scientifically trained team gathers references in order to present your concept with accuracy and fidelity.
  • We dive deep into the relevant structures, morphology, and innovative technologies of the process.

Script and Storyboard

  • Our science writers distill out the essential components of your story, guided by the purpose of the final animation.
  • Our medical illustrators then craft the sequence of scenes to effectively engage and inform the targeted audience.

Review Process

  • Feedback is discussed and incorporated after each milestone.
  • Our detail-oriented diligence and extensive scientific training facilitates efficient approvals with all your stakeholders and medical-legal review teams.

Styleframe Development

  • Our studio of 3D wizards and 2D designers develop style variations for select major characters and environments.
  • The still visuals depict intended lighting, color scheme, and textures for 3D elements.
  • Approved styleframe direction will then be applied to all scenes.


  • We produce mid-production animated previews of scenes to show camera motion and scene actions timed to voiceover.
  • This permits an opportunity to provide direction on overall timing and action.

Rough Cut

  • Full length video presents all scenes in color with motion graphics.
  • Allows for input prior to final refinement and rendering.


  • Final high resolution render delivered with custom score and sound design.


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